Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's easy to dream of hard work

5 acres and independence, right?  Most of the homesteader wannabees have read, or heard of this little book.  We have 5 acres, but we are far from independence.  We do have a freezer full of chickens, another of beef and another of pork, all raised up on our little piece of God's good earth.  While the children were dreaming of a white Christmas, mama was and is still dreaming of a brown milk cow. 
Friends of mine raise their own milk on a 19th century system call Soiling of Cattle, by Josiah Quincy which I started to read last night.  It seems to be the answer to the small homesteaders dilemma of "what do we do for pasture?"

The modern dilemma presents itself with this method of raising a dairy requires work, and us moderns, born and bread in suburbia are filled with this dread and awe of hard work.  It particularly requires the use of a scythe...
Which I just happen to have sitting out in my shed.  My great Bohemiean Grandfathers scythe....Dedechek, he had a farm in what is now the west suburban Chicago suburbs.  It has been out of comission  now for probably about 90 years, relegated to the garage of my grandmother. 
Perhaps someday it will come to use again here on St. Josephs Ridge.

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