Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping Boys Busy with Real Work

I believe this is one of the greatest ills of our time.  Bored boys who don't know how to work.  Sure they can sit in a school desk all day and write book reports, or dribble a basketball, or work that nintendo Wii like a mad man...but what REAL work can they do?
How will they provide for a family, how will they raise up Godly men of the next generation to break the curses of lazyness and idleness and perpetual childhood that plauges our nations men?

I believe the answer is in the family farm.  Getting back to basics and down to work.  Now, I'm not talking coal mine childhood slavery...but good old fashioned hard work that is mixed in with good hearty food, family prayer, laughter and a healthy dose of free time for a kid just to be a kid.

And even better yet, working with know, that elusive character in modern day families, the guy that many people think is optional....The spiritual head of the family.  The only man who can teach a son to be a Godly hardworking Catholic man
Dads of our age need to put worldly success aside and try to pray and figure out how they can do more work beside their boys.  If you are in an office all day it is a blessing to have your son know that you are providing for your family, but a better blessing is to have your son working at your side.  Only then can the child truly learn what it is to be a man and to give of ones self for the good of the family.

Yes, for many of us it is a dream...but it is something worth praying for and about.  God wants to raise up a generation of Godly Catholic men who are ready to restore our authentic Catholic culture.  Who are ready to show their boys the beauty and courage of purity and love of wife and children home.  Our Lady of the Fields, pray for us!

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