Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Working and Praying together

From the Rural Life Prayerbook

"Farming is a family enterprise which tends to weld the family together.
Mother and father are usually within calling distance of each other and see
each other several times a day. The children can be at their parents' side
to watch them and learn to work with them. There are many little tasks
which children can perform that contribute to the family welfare and allow
them to acquire experience and habits of responsibility. It is not without
reason that the rural home has been called the "natural dwelling place for
the Christian family."

Wow!  the natural dwelling place for the Christian family!  What an amazing sentence.  Not the suburbs or city with all its entertainments and diversions, the country where a family can be together and work and pray as God intends them to.  To teach children responsibility, what better place than the family farm.  No sticker charts needed here...if the job does not get done, something or someone goes hungry...plants wilt or die from lack of water...there is no wood to heat the home....

Mother and Father are in calling distance of one another and see each other several times a day.  This ends the need for mother to be the main disciplinarian, which is so often the burden of homeschooling mothers.  Boys need their dads when they have sinned, and mothers need a "principal" they can send the offender out to see.  But better yet, families can eat together, pray noon prayers together, and just be around one another more, which is a quality that is disregarded as a "luxury" or worse yet, "boring" my many moderns.

So let us give thanks, those of us that dwell in the country, and do our best to raise up Godly children for His glory in the natural dwelling place of the country.


  1. I ljust bookmarked this blog! I hope you have time to keep it up. We really need to get our boys out into the country where they can do real work. I hope that is what He and She are preparing us for. I'll check back soon.

  2. Jesus, bless us in our desire for a country life, and a hardworking Godly family, Our Lady of the fields, pray for us!