Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Late at night, while the children are sleeping...during the day when the crockpot holds my dinner....I sew

4 tries later, and my adjusted pattern top finally fits well.  I ended up cutting up an old worn sheet for a mock up because my first try with my Wal-Mart fabric was a terrible fit!  When fitting, it is always best (a-hem) to listen to wise advice and cut out the hard to fit part of the pattern and baste it together and try it on before going ahead with adjustments.  Guessing just wastes a busy mothers precious time.


  1. Another thing I've wanted to learn--to sew. This is a sweet, profound blog.

  2. The simplest beginner project is a pair of PJ pants, or a simple A line skirt with an elastic waistline. Pick out some fabric that you absolutely love, and you will have it finished in no time, and be ready to try again!