Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do a little, do your best.

"The first step for farmers to take is to reverse their old prejudices in this respect and instead of calculating how much more land they want, let them try with how little they can do, and do well ."

This is a quote from page 84 of the Soiling of Cattle.  I think it also relates well to those of us who desire a simple and more basic life.  It is great to know that it is entirely possible to raise up a healthy family cow on 5 tiny acres.  It is also a good quote to remember to encourage us all to start small.  Do well with what we have, and if God wills it, more will be given.  If we can be good stewards to a tiny bit, how much more will He trust us with more land. 

Yes, I know any idiot can go out and buy land if he has the right chunk of change (looking in the mirror 14 years ago)  but only God can make that land productive, and the people who are stewards of it truly happy.

"For they that are upright shall dwell in the earth, and the simple shall continue in it." Proverbs 2, Chapter 21

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