Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It doesn't matter where you've been, It matters where you are going

I was in town today with my 6 year old for a dr. appointment.  I passed the corner church that always has something to say.  You know the place, cheesy saying refreshed weekly.  Well this week, it really struck me.  It actually made me think!  And be thankful.  

 Basically folks, this was me years ago...this photo is not really me, but it sure could be!  Except my dresses were usually blue, I didn't really do the brown for life on the road, following a band!  It was fun while it lasted, freedom, travel, close friends, dancing all night, hangin out with da band....But eventually it all led to lots of drug use and no real direction in life at all.  
BUT...God knows what He is doing!
This is where I met my sweet husband, and the rest is history.

And this, dear people, is the future, where we are going!
Heaven with  my husband and whole passel of sweet children at my side.  God certaintly did bless the broken road I was on.


  1. It was an empty life, wasnt it? God is so good to be always pointing the way until we decide to look up.

  2. There were great times, like that 5 am sunrise at at rest stop somewhere in northern California...and that GREAT cranberry bagel and cup of hot tea at that cafe in Bozeman...But I sure do see now that all I was looking for was Him, I just didn't know it then!