Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jesus does not live there anymore...

I have been praying forever about a family business that can keep our children busy and help them to fill up their bank accounts to help them save up for whatever...college, house downpayment, car...I would also love in a perfect world to see my husband to be able to say "ta ta" to his organic biggie corporation job...but that is just a nice dream at this point.

Upon reading Family Friendly Farming, it has been really impressed upon my heart that we need to give our children a reason to want to stay local and rural.  They need rural roots that are happy and are profitable if we desire to repopulate the country with good stewards of the land.  Our local rural landscape is a ghost town testimony to that way of life.  I am sandwiched between 2 canonically closed rural parishes.  We drive by them and my little children say "Jesus doesn't live there anymore Mama"...They are right, the churches are empty, the graveyards are full. 

 Lets face it,  locally, farms got big, worldly ways crept into families, the children fled for the cities and everyone else contracepted like crazy....God bless the Amish, they took advantage of the crazyness that swept through the Church in the late 60's and 70's and bought the Catholic farmsteads up.  The rest went to the big boys and their ever increasing chemicals and size of tractors and high boys and combines....and then of course the weekend warrior and the rich folk who can afford that "dream parcel".  It leaves those of us who wish to farm in a bad way since the cost to buy acreage keeps going up because people with deep pockets will pay it.  The would be farmer is in a pickle.

I am edified to see the Amish keeping their way of rural life and the way the children play an important role in the families income.  We can really learn lots from how they live and how they are able to keep the land that they love and be able to make a living from it, or on it.

Even though I only have a piddly 5 acres,  thats 5 more acres that are not owned by the g-ihuge-ic 1000 cow dairy.  Im not advocating taking the land from the huge farm, because I am totally not a communist, but I am saying that by raising up children who love a rural life and respect the land that God made, we might yet be able to return to our rural roots.  We might again have more land in the hands of those who desire to steward it and take care of it for the next generation, not just milk all of the profit out of it that they can so they can pay off their combines that cost more than my house and land!

And thats one point of the Catholic Land movement.  To return to the rural life, raise up children who desire to stay local so that we can love up our grandbabies, and help them out daily if need be.  Like our past generations, where families lived near one another and family ties were close.  

God willing, He will let our little seed of a business grow so that many generations to come will call this little slice of Gods country home.  And generations will call her Blessed, and we may see those little churches open once again.

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