Saturday, January 21, 2012


I wear my headcovering for a penance.  I wear my headcovering to tell the devil and his minions that I am not his anymore and that I am under the headship of my husband and Christ.  I wear my headcovering because it is just easier to put on than a hair do...and I can't stand hair in my face, or flopping around  when I work.  I wear a headcovering because peasants of the ages past wore a simple scarf to go about their daily work.  I wear a headcovering "because of the angels" as St. Paul says in his epistle.  Now, I know that traditionally the Church has used that passage for it's mandate for women to veil at Mass, but I think that it is a powerful visual for the unseen world in daily life as well.  In our battle against principalities...we need all the tangible help we can get.

Here are my favorite everyday lightweight scarves.  They are so light, you don't feel the extra weight on your head, and they are perfect for summer when you don't want anything much extra to keep the heat in.

Here are some warmer options for colder weather that I find are very soft and cozy.

 I also love to wear a cotton snood that I can whip up on my sewing machine in about 20 minutes.  This is a good covering for everyday as well in the summer, as it is very lightweight and you can make them to go with your dresses.


  1. Cam women with short hair wear these? (Now that's probably a whole 'nother story.)

  2. Hair is hair, short or long. Mine was down to my knees, and I could not keep up with the washing and brushing. When I was pregnant with my last baby I cut it to my waist, then to my shoulders! That was probably a little drastic, I am letting it grow back out, but my waist is my limit!

    A snood-ish type would be perfect for short hair.

    here are some tutorials

    there is one that shows how to bulk up a teeny tiny ponytail with a scrunchie and do the scarf around that like a bun. One Catholic mama at our parish has worn that style as she grows out her hair. She also has thin hair, so it may be something that she uses even when her hair is long.

    here are some hats sort of similar to the ones I make

    if you google "how to tie a head scarf" you will get lots of results.

  3. I love this article. I'm wondering why you have not posted since Dec 2014.