Monday, January 2, 2012

Pratical Sewing

Last night I began again to work on my project that has been sitting on my sewing table for weeks, waiting for me to have the gumption to attack it again.  My goal with this project is to find a comfortable pattern that can be worn for either work or nice occasions.

 I have a wonderful pattern, which funny enough, is a costume pattern, but is very comfortable.  4 years ago I had a few of these dresses, but I out grew them.  I recently bought the pattern again after I learned a little about adjusting a pattern to fit me.  It is very wonderful to know that I am not confined by the measurements on the pattern sleeve!  But since I am adjusting the bodice, and it has darts and the back is in 2 pieces, I have been slow at chipping away at the work.

Last night I did it.  I finished the adjustments.  I cut it out from a piece of not so pretty Wal-Mart sale calico that has been in my sewing box for years.  I look at this fabric and think "what in the world inspired me to buy this?".....but if it works as my mock up, it will do just fine for a work dress.  I used the sleeves from the shift pattern that is included in this pattern for my dress, because I do not want puffy sleeves, and the shift sleeves have very minimal gathering, and no cuff.  I also cut the skirt shorter, to eliminate the pleating in this mock up.  I love the bottom pleats, but I will save those for a nice version of the dress.

I got a japanese sewing book with patterns for Christmas.  Simple Modern Sewing is the title.  I took it out last night, fully intending to scrap my above project for a while and work on a dress in this book....but the pattern peices are so complicated.....I think this sewing book is going back to the store for a return!  Sewing has to be simple, or it is not pratical.  And beware, one persons definition of simple, might not be yours!

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