Saturday, January 28, 2012

Support your local Raw Milk Criminal

Darkness had descended, and the clock struck 6:30.  It was time.  I put on my wolley scarf, my black shawl and walked out into the cold winter air.  The stars were bright, the wind was brisk.  The snow crunched under my barn booted feet.  I left the children behind in the warmness of our wood heated home, and fired up the minivan to take a drive.

They begin at 5:30...she tells me to come at 6:30 and it will be ready.....I pull into the farmyard, all is dark.  I shut off my headlights and notice a dim light coming from the barn in the distance.  They are inside.....I see a little light dancing toward me, a headlamp shining like a star in the darkness.  He has it.

My yellow milk crate, illegally taken decades ago from Idlenot dairy, somewhere in Vermont...I'm already a criminal I guess....My yellow milk crate is filled with 2 glass gallon jars.  Sloshing inside is the white creamy goodness I have come for...still warm, straight from the illegally purchased raw milk.

Oh, enzyme filled deliciousness...creamy un pasteurized non homogenized goodness....did I mention still warm?.....I thank him and I load up the minivan with my goods.  I head home and bring my precious white gold inside.  Once inside, one gallon goes straight into the fridge to cool.  The other goes to the stainless steel pot on the stove.

It does not take long for it to reach 110 degrees, 10 minutes maybe.....and I stir in the previous batch of homemade yogurt for starter.   I pour it back into the freshly washed glass gallon jug and set it in my heated box in my larder.

From farm to yogurt in less than half an hour, one gallon of nourishing raw milk yogurt.  To strengthen my babies bones, teeth and immune systems.  Thank you God for my local Raw Milk Criminal.


  1. I admit that I did write it...after I lived it last night :o)

  2. Agreed,I am deeply indebted to my raw milk criminal! It is so nice to come over here and see your blog. It will not be the last, so thank for providing the link at the comment to my blog!

  3. Thank you Melissa for visiting my blog and reading it. I really enjoy your common sense writing as well!