Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thoughts on real wealth

We have drunk our water for money: we have bought our wood.

Lamentations Of Jeremias
 Chapter 5, Verse 4

Here is a quote that really stuck in my mind tonight, from The Church and the Land, page 106.

"Unemployment in an industrialized community means that many men are engaged in producing little or nothing and consuming much"
How true is that for our nation today?  How true is that still for those of us who spend our days at a desk or factory doing work for money so that we can go out and consume the things we don't have the time to produce?  We buy into the "can't live without it" mentality of this age, with food, furniture, clothing, name can buy it.  But none of it is made in America anymore!
We can buy all we want at low! low! prices!!, but still our neighbors are out of a job, and our land lies fallow, and our children need Wii to keep them happy and busy, and we have time on our hands to watch housewives being desperate, or to peruse online images of poor darkened souls who happen to be shopping at Wal Mart....

The wage system is such a con man, if you will.....if only we had the courage to return to a simpler mindset of ownership and real wealth.  To quote Pope Leo XIII,
" A further consequence will result in the greater abundance of the fruits of the earth.  Men will always work harder and more readily when they work on what belongs to them...."
A piece of land that is not mortgaged to the limit, a warm simple home, lots of good old fashioned hearty work, healthy food produced on site, or nearby as much as possible, a good parish, a loving family, and all of it dedicated to and in honor of Jesus Christ our Lord...Now that is real wealth.

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  1. This blog is helping me to rapidly see what is meant to be. I've spent my life with the can't live without it mentality, with the wage system con man. I don't know how much I can put in place what is meant to be, but I hope that our children will learn sooner what is meant to be. They have already been exposed to the warped view at their young ages.

    Keep writing, please.