Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day to play

I am officially taking a day to play today.  The other day I was lamenting to my husband, "I have not had a moment all day to enjoy my little children!"
So busy teaching big school, 
So busy cleaning,
So busy cooking 100% of our food from scratch with no grains,
So busy worrying about what I am NOT getting done...
Totally Martha...

I NEED to be Mary. 
I need to offer to God my day, and let Him guide it.  I need to tell him that today I cannot do the big things, that today is a Little Flower Day. 
I need to enjoy my babies.  I need to build a train track for the 3 year old.  I need to give the 14 year old a hug and tell him to take the dog for a walk.   I need to laugh and let the 11 year old mess around on our private friend blog....I need to hug and hold the teething baby...I need to ask the 6 year old to read me "Owl at Home" for the umpteenth million time...(she just loves it)

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