Thursday, February 23, 2012

I think Marriage is cool

and as we know, the world thinks it's a big old joke.

I have a love/hate relationship with my local food co-op.  I love the whole bulk foods.  I hate the prices and the totally liberal atmosphere.  But, I must shop there for now because I am using food as medicine to heal my family.  

Today I embarked upon my bi-monthly food shopping extravaganza.  I tooled the ol' family minivan down and around the country roads to the wackiest town around, that happens to be home to the food co-op.  I was in line, ready to plunk down my almost three hundred bucks to feed my growing family for about 2 weeks worth of fruits and veggies, bulk items and that winter necessity, vitamin D tincture.

 Let me stop here and say that along with a sad lack of virtue and morals in our society, there is a gross lack of knowledge of what conversations are appropriate for business settings.  Anything goes these days, and today was not exception at ye olde food co-op.  The cashier behind me started to wax poetic about "destination weddings" and her super smart 11 year old daughter who claims she will never marry.  The mother lightly quips that all of her daughters friends parents are divorced, so it's only natural that she feels this way.  Ha Ha Ha!  Then the 20 something bagger who is packing my groceries gets into it, agreeing on the futility and pointlessness of marriage.

Well, by that time, I'd had enough.  I spoke up that I have been happily married for 14 years.  And at one time, I too believed that marriage was just a piece of paper and a joke, but then I changed my thinking when I realized what a crock of shit (yes, I did say shit) that lie was.
Well, the super happy mother of the jaded 11 year old daughter put in that she was still young…..and then ……….

  The young, hip, disgruntled with marriage bag girl walked away to the eating area, the front end manager who was checking me out smiled with an uncomfortable look in her eye and handed me my way to expensive reciept and wished me a nice day.
I pushed my cart full of food out to my dirt and sand covered minivan in the crisp Feburary air.  
I was thinking about how sad our world is.  Kids think marriage is a joke, cashiers use it as fodder for their innapropriate work conversations, I use the word Shit when I am being a witness for the sancity of Marriage……
But this view of marriage is a pile of crap!  We are a sad society, no matter how violently and loudly we try to convince everyone that this post sexual revolution life is just spiffy.  This view of marriage hurts children.  It sets them up for heartbreaking relationships of shallow hook ups and other good time promises.
Marriage is more than just lust and self gratification…more than just someone making me happy….Marriage is getting your spouse to heaven.  Marriage is sometimes picking up our Cross and walking with Jesus.  Marriage is for creating life to love and serve God.
All of this is lost on these people.  HOW SAD.

I finished praying my rosary and added a special inention for the mother and her 11 year old daughter and the bag girl, that they would be given the grace to be converted from the hellish world of secular socialistic paganism that regulates this sacred sacrament to a relic of more opressed times.

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  1. Well, if there ever was a more appropriate time to use the word shit than this, I have not heard of it. Good for you. And yes, we must pray and sacrifice and most of all, lead by example. They all long for it, it is just cool to belong so they deny themselves that longing and they settle for garbage. It is a sad state of affairs.
    God bless you!