Thursday, March 15, 2012

You shall draw waters with joy out of the saviour's fountains. Isaias 12: 3

Blue skies and sunny, light breeze.  The air is warm.  The littles play outside in the sunshine.  They have a tent strung on the clothesline.  My laundry dances lightly on the breeze all around them.  Diapers swish in the washer, waiting for their turn in the warm almost spring sunshine.

The steer munches contentedly on a bale of hay.  Chickens scratch for the newly emerging bugs.  Seed packets lie on my home desk, waiting for soil mix, water and warmth....beautiful dreams of flower gardens and nourishing vegetables. 

 I was sitting in the prayer room a while ago reading my bible.  Rocking in the rocking chair and looking out the wide open window, observing all of the paradise that God has seen fit to place under my care and stewardship.  May I give Him glory with it.  May my children grow up well loved and full of industrious habits, strong and well fed with what we grow on our little plot.

I have come to see that our family is a "little family", in the spirit of St. Therese the little flower.  We may not have rolling acres and herds of animals, we will not have acres of fields planted in crops, we will not continue to school out children to be the worlds next genius....We will quietly do God's will in our own humble little way.  We will do the best that we can and do it all for Him.  

We will, with his good grace,  daily draw waters with JOY out of the Savior's fountains, because they are indeed deep and overflowing with mercy and grace and all goodness.

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  1. I see a picture of assent to God's will and a smile on the Father's face. How hard you must have worked and work to reach this point in the culture in which we are immersed. God love you and bless your efforts.