Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catholic Peasants

A friend gave me this link for these amazing painting of French Peasants.
These are my 2 favorites.   I am inspired by my friend and her sewing adventures to take inspiration from these old paintings and try to do some recreating of these clothes myself.  
Linen.  Blues and browns and off whites.  I love the snood the girl in the top painting with the ripped apron is wearing.  
I think I could do without the shoes though....
I have been waiting to buy linen for about 6 months, not knowing really what wonderful things I wanted to sew with it.  I have  been in such a sewing slump lately, with nothing I make really pleasing me.
I have a revolutionary war short dress pattern, which is much like what the girl in blue above is wearing over her chemise above.  I have a chemise pattern.  Skirts are easy.  I have also made vests in the past, in a Medieval style.
I ordered this bodice pattern to play with.
I really need a sewing project that I can sink my teeth into, something that will bring satisfaction.  I have been searching for years for the simple, modest, easy to sew, easy to wear, non modern, farm girl clothing that I can make over and over again once I get the fit right.
I'm not saying this is it, but I'm excited to give it a try. 
Thanks Dana!

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