Thursday, June 7, 2012

I want to stay home more.
I want less stuff.
I want less stuff.
I want less stuff.

I want more time to be grateful for my life.
I want more moments to be home with my children...
NOT in the car.

Oh yeah, I want less stuff to take care of.
I have estimated that we probably have 1 million items in our home that I am required to know the whereabouts of AT ALL TIMES.
The curse of the industrial revolution.

I want to be mortgage free.
I was mortgage free, until I bought the lie that more space would bring harmony and simplicity to my large family. 
Now I am a slave to bills.

I want less stuff.
God, please help me embrace holy poverty and let go of all this accumulated stuff.
Did I mention I want less stuff?

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  1. me too! should we have a work day to put boxes away of staff or to donate?