Sunday, September 23, 2012

God equips the called...

He does not call the equipped. 
This phrase was shared with me by a friend today.  
How true it is.  
We feel God calling us to something.... for me, some of those things have been marriage, raising children, homeschooling, ripping myself free of the materialistic, consumeristic society we live in, de junking my life, having a big garden, milking a cow....whatever....and I look at my goals and desires and think 
"What the heck?  Lord, I can't do this!"
"You didn't put me in a place where I was raised to do this!"
But He makes all things that He desires us to do possible.
If he puts some deep longing in your heart, and it is in accordance to His laws and your vocation in life, you can be sure that the Father of Lights will give you every good thing required to make that dream come true.
You must be patient, you must never give up praying that His will be done, and you must trust in Him.

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