Saturday, September 15, 2012

Name Day

O Mother of Sorrows, look down from above,
And shed o’er thy children the balm of thy love,
In darkness and death we shall not be afraid,
If thy hand, O Mother, upon us is laid.

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows, and one of my children's name day.
In most modern Catholic homes, the name day is a forgotten custom.
I like being a Traditional Catholic, there is so much to celebrate!
You have your birthday, your baptism day, your name day and then your confirmation day.
I am always ready to make a special dinner and cake!
To cap off the evening we had a campfire with lots of goodies to cook over the hot coals.  Nights like these are when memories are made.  Chasing the flashlight around the yard with the dog nipping at your heels, sisters behind the dog, the big dipper and neptune found with the help of daddy's droid.
Doggies stealing your graham cracker, bats flying to and fro in the sky by the barn.
All and all a beautiful day to spend at home with the family.

Heres to bringing back the Name Day in the Catholic home!

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