Monday, September 17, 2012

The Little Miss Swine Herds

Today was no different from most days on our little farm.  Woke up, had breakfast, heated the oven for bread, encouraged the children to dress quickly....then chore time.
We are trying to send the little ones out with the big ones so that they can learn the chores gradually and at their own pace.  This morning tiny carried the slops bucket for big sister.  Tiny really likes to watch the greedy pigs gobble down every scrap that comes their way.  Pigs are better than cartoons, funnier too.
I wish and pray that we had more chores to do for the children.  While I believe that play is important, I see that too much play and even too much housework is not a good thing for the soul.  Too much time inside the house leads to crying and fighting and just poor spirits all over.  With that said, I need to get off this blog and get the children busy outside!

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