Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Squash Maidens

Today we harvested our meager pile of squash.  
And I could not help but think of a quote from a book I read last night, called The Rural Solution.

"There is no better school than rural life for making people realize that they must watch their actions if they want to avoid loss.  It is a harsh school, but one learns in it."

My lessons learned.
Lesson 1- Weed the squash.
Lesson 2- Water the squash in drought.
Lesson 3- Don't let the escaped steer meander his way into the squash patch (or the pepper patch for that matter!) for said steer will have a nice lunch in your vegetable patch. 

But...we have a small pile, and God willing (and ME free willing) next year I will work harder to make sure my squash patch is a success.

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