Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter is a cozy time

A time to enjoy the fruits of the summer labor.  Ok,  maybe I was not the rock star farmer of my dreams....but there are still fruits!  The freezer is full of veggies, some grown here and processed, and others from local farms.  Tons of meat (literally) from the steer, pigs and chickens raised by the children on our farm.  The garage and cold room are full of squash and apples and onions and garlic.  The wood is split and piled and ready to be hauled in with the trailer when the towering pile near the wood furnace is vanquished.  Our hens are still laying, and now they get the scraps since the pigs have gone to a better place (my freezer)

Home education is in full swing.  The days are full with a Freshman, 7th grader, 3rd grader and 2 preschoolers as well as a tiny little plum baby that I am busy growing.  Chores, school, crafts, catechism, music lessons, Mass, and visiting with friends keep us super busy.

I am thinking garden for next year already.  With baby due in June, I am thinking lots of basil and flowers.  I am thinking next this year, I will take advantage of the local farmers and their produce for putting in jars and freezer.  Flowers on site are much more beneficial to the pregnant mamas soul.

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