Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to reality

I was five days in the crazy land of Chicago.  Too long for me, my soul and body was crying out for the winter white of the quiet countryside.  Give me a icicle covered barn over a festively decorated shopping mall any day.  Give me icy back roads over grey slushy toll roads and I will not complain.
I am so thankful that my quiet world is ages away from the rolling endless expanses of downtown and suburban sprawling Chicago land.  
I am happy to be in my own little world of my home and life here in the country.  I am happy to have the space to raise my children for the glory of God and the restoration of traditional Catholic culture here in the "middle of nowhere"  
Not for all the money in the world would I choose that life, where you can not even buy groceries or fill up on gas without a TV blaring in your face.  A life where it seems everything centers around buying or selling something.  
How thankful I am to be home.


  1. I am living back in the city but trying to raise my children for the glory of God and for the restoration of traditional Catholic culture. Not easy here. I can keep them out of malls, but not away from urban blight. I hope they can become saints, nevertheless. I do envy you and I love reading this blog when you can write.

  2. I know you are working hard to raise your children for the glory of God. I should not be such a country snob, because I know some people prefer the city and raise holy children there. I just cannot help my extreme personal dislike for that environment :o)

  3. Snob about the country all you like. I don't prefer the city. I believe that children--mine anyway--would have a better chance at becoming holy in the country given the state of societies. Our saving grace right now is the Franciscan shrine that leans toward traditional Catholicism one mile down the urban-blighted street. Beyond that, given my compromised capacity to raise them with the True Faith, there is not much help here. But, my husband and I are trying and hoping. Walking out the door is a challenge. Meanwhile, can I grow ginger root in an apartment in the city? We want to grow something and I think that would be practical. I really like this blog.