Monday, January 7, 2013

Gratuitous Cloth Diaper Stripping post

Every crunchy mom with a blog needs to have her cloth diaper dilemmas aired to the world, in the hope that some other desperate, end of her rope, never say die cloth diapering mom will gain some wisdom and help from their suffering and trials with cloth diapering.
Well, here is mine!
Today I stripped my diapers.  The rank diaper smell was more than any of us could bear.  It had gotten to the point that you could smell that wet diaper across the room.  Those wet diapers were beginning to make the dirty chicken coop smell like a fresh spring day.
Luckily I won the huge pot that you see above at the annual family Christmas dice game. It used to be my grandpas, used for catching meat under the meat grinder.  All my aunt could remember it being used for was to be a toad habitat on the breezeway in her childhood.  I saw that pot and thought one thing......
Luckily I won the pot.
Luckily I now have an old stove in my garage, because honey, boiling diapers stinks!
Luckily I also inherited my grandmas old "laundry stick" from the farm.  Great for stirring the pot of boiling diaperage, and for lifting the boiling hot dripping diapers out of the pot when done.  Much better than that cheap barely metal made in China piece of junk tongs I used to use in this pioneers process
Basically, you fill a huge pot with water, bring to boil and add diapers.  I boil them for about 1/2 hour, stirring now and then. Then I lift them from the water, put in another old pot or old diaper pail and go and dump them into the washer to rinse and spin.  Thats it, done!
Other methods of stripping diapers do no good around here.  I don't know if it is our water, our pee,  whatever it is, NOTHING else on the whole blamed internet  that worked for others to strip their diapers worked for me.  
I tried everything I read.  Even dumping boiling water into the washer.  Still stunk.  Then in a desperate moment I remembered a plate my grandma had on her kitchen wall.  It showed a happy looking lady in a mop cap standing over a huge cauldron with a stick, stirring clothing in a boiling pot.  That was my epiphany of diaper sorts.  I used my old canner and a pair of tongs right in my kitchen and it did the trick! Yes, I burned myself because the tongs were weak, yes my kitchen stunk because of the smell of rank boiling diapers, but the end result was diapers that could be wet in by baby and not smell like the ammonia and rotting beans plant.
I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from cloth diaper stink that just wont go away, to get out a big pot and get boiling.

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  1. Now there is one gutsy Mama! Boiling diapers. I tried cloth diapering for both babies, but got no support. People thought I was being too hard on myself. (I live in Massachusetts.) Of course, it was hard, especially in the face of other circumstances. So, I caved. I am such a homesteader at heart. Post more when you can.