Thursday, January 17, 2013

I love old stuff

 This oil lamp was used on the farm in Cloverdale IL by my Czech great grandmother Anna Stanek.   I like to look at it and think just how close the do it all, have a bunch of children farming wife is to me.
 More old stuff from my grandmas house.  She used these washtubs on the farm when her children were little.  Everything in this photo taken from my pantry room is from grandmas house, except the bread box and the picture.  The picture was saved from a dumpster.  How anyone could throw out an old print of The Sacred Heart is beyond me!
And here, the lovely blue Ball jars.  I suppose I should fill them with something and make them useful, but for now they sit and give me joy collecting the light.  Most of them are from between 1920 and 1950.  The crock is the best part.  It used to hold homemade sauerkraut on my great grandparents farm.  God willing, next year it will do the same job here! to find that big old lap sized slaw grater....