Saturday, January 12, 2013

Im gonna be straight up here...

I don't like growing vegetables.
I don't care about vegetables growing in my garden.
This year I am not growing hardly any vegetables in my garden.

This year, I am growing flowers. 
You can call me a bad homesteader.  You can tell me I am being frivolous.  
"You cant eat flowers!" you'll tell me...
That's fine.  I don't care.

There are many things I give up in sacrifice for this life of raising a big family in the country for the glory of God.   Many things I would like to do that I can not because of my vocation in life.  My life is called to be sacrificial for my children and my spouse.   I'f fine with that.  It was not how I was raised, it is not what our culture is about, but I'm all over it.

I want to cook a beautiful Indian feast for dinner.  I can't because the children won't eat it.  I want to go to France on vacation, I can't because Im too poor to afford it.  I want to spend my time writing or sewing, I cant because people need to eat and clothes need to be washed and school needs to happen. I want to take a rest all day Sunday, I cant because, again, people still need to eat and have baths.   I want to walk to Mass, I cant because the only good Mass is a 35 minute drive from my house.  I want to live in a tiny cabin with minimal possessions for me to take care of, I cant because we would not fit and my husband is not into that.   I could go on and on ad nausuem.  But I wont.  

This year I am raising flower seeds.  Why?  because to get all hippie on you, this year in the garden I am following my bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a baby due in June, I plan on sitting my big pregnant self in my garden and letting my eyes and soul feast on the loveliness that will (God willing) surround me via flowering plants.   

Vegetables, blegh.

I can say this because my dear husband has a job that supplies me with all of the free or very cheap local organic vegetables that my heart and family could desire.  Enough to choke 3 horses.  Enough to feed to my steers and pigs plus the family.  So, really, vegetables are not a necessity for my time this year.

When you are a mom, and especially when you are in a season of pregnancy, you need to make good use of the limited energy and time that God gives you.  That is why I am putting my foot down on a garden full of veggies this year.  Ok, Ok, I will grow some broccoli.  But it won't get that much of my attention.  Chard and salad will grace the soil too, but thats about it.

Its flowers for me.  The joy of stating them, the joy of setting them out in the spring.  The joy of watching them come into flower, thats about all I want from my garden this year.  Im being selfish about this.  But I think that since God gave us such beauty among the world of flowers, its not really selfish to say "hey God, I really want to enjoy this year with your amazing flowering creations!"  I hope He will bless it.



    You're just planting a Mary Garden. Nothing to be apologetic about there!

  2. Good thoughts, I hope you are enjoying your flowers. I take it easy on my pregnant self by buying big tubs of prewashed spinach, salad mix, and baby kale. Open container, throw greens in a bowl, add seasoning, happy bodies :-)