Friday, January 18, 2013

Looking ahead to spring

Another sewing day today.
 I am working on a heavily altered version of this pattern.  I have lengthened it, shortened the sleeves and completely changed them, and made the neckline higher and just a plain old neckline.  I have made one already out of linen, and I love it.  It is so comfortable and elegant and practical.  I am looking foreword to sitting in my flower garden in the early summer in these dresses and enjoying all my children and my flowers.

Yesterday I dragged all of my apparatus back upstairs.  I had been on a sewing hiatus since Thanksgiving.  My last 2 babies have been born in the late fall and winter.  I have plenty of cold weather maternity wear, so I have been happily and comfortably bundling up in that.  But looking forward to spring is a bleak prospect in the attractive yet modest maternity department.  Basically, I have nothing except a denim skirt and some t-shirts and 2 way to short Old Navy jersey maternity dresses which are only appropriate for dinking around the house.

I have looked in the maternity section of every thrift store I have been in the last 4 months.  If I was depending on store bought clothing for myself, I would be in bleaker trouble.  There has been nothing for a mama who desires to attire herself in something other than jeans and a low cut v neck top, or a maternity mini skirt.  Ok, I did find 2 sweaters, that was good, but NOTHING else.

  Since I have no $$$ to buy maternity clothes, and there are really none out there that suit me (i am a hard to fit mama) if I did, I thank God for the ability to alter a pattern and sew it up.


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