Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A look at today

2 plus gallons of raw milk yogurt ready to set for 24 hours in the box constructed of 2 coolers duct taped together with a light-bulb on a dimmer switch to keep temps steady.

After the pineapple sits the sourdough starter, that I am starting once again.  This time I am trying Kamut.   Next to that is my Licorice tincture.  The last item is tomorrows bread.  I do the no knead method that sits for 18 hours.  I am not currently using sourdough.  For 6 cups of flour, I use 1 tsp. yeast, 3 tsp. salt,  2 cups of raw whey and 1 cup of water.

 Here is the finished product.  Very yummy.  

The toddlers unfinished dress.  Kings Daughters in blue corduroy.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My little slice of heaven

 The seeds (mostly flowers remember) sorted and grouped according to the week that they will be started.

 The planting calendar inside my gardening binder.  I take advantage of the free bank calendar and cut out the months I need.  Then I hole punch it and put it in my gardening binder.  I start the week before plant out (Mothers day here) and label the weeks all the way back to week 16.  In a perfect world, my Belladonna seeds would have been here already started germinating at week 16.  But they are supposedly in the mail.  

 The germination station.  This is a new journey of mine this year.  Thanks to some loans from very kind friends, I have heat mats, a germination box and a mini blocker.  I have also acquired cheap grow lights (yeah!  Menards Christmas gift certificate!!) This should be up and running sometime next week with my Echinacea, Hyssop and Eucalyptus, or as soon as Fed-Co and UPS get me the rest of my blocking supplies.

 And here, the next kind loan from generous friends.  All I had to do was tell everyone I knew about how much I love to work in a greenhouse, and suddenly I hear "we have this mini greenhouse sitting in our barn that we aren't using..." 
 Thank You Jesus!!!  I tell you, if you really have a passion for something, and it is within the bounds of your vocation, God is happy to provide!  And what better Valentines present can a loving husband give his wacky greenhouse loving wife than to spend his day on Feb. 14th getting, and setting up a teeny tiny greenhouse.
Sitting to the left and unseen behind are the coldframes built by the same sweet devoted husband.  They will be used for tougher plants, extra space as well as for hardening off when the time comes.  This year, I hope to move 2 of them to the garden and prep a bed to do winter greens for the following winter.  

And the interior.  It ain't much, but, it's all I need.  And, the best part, it SMELLS like a greenhouse!  There is nothing better than greenhouse smell in February!

Little lenten sacrifices

This has been a lenten tradition at our home since the oldest children were little.  We make Jesus' crown of thorns on a big piece of paper.  Then, when someone does a secret good deed, makes a sacrifice, says a prayer, or chooses to follow Jesus instead of listening to self, they put a flower on one of the thorns.  

Our usual flowers were drawn in crayon, marker or colored pencil.  This year we added a bit of creativity to the devotion.  We had a surplice of tissue paper from a baby shower.  We cut little squares of the tissue, and then wrap them around the eraser end of a pencil.  Put a dab of glue on the end of the thorn, and stick the tissue flower (still on the pencil) to the glue.   Remove pencil, and you have a 3-D flower.  My children love this.

We hang this in the school room where even little people can access it to make it bloom with their little quiet good deeds.  Keep the flower supplies nearby and by the end of lent, Jesus' crown of thorns will be turned into a beautiful crown of flowers, all loving deeds done for love of Him.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why is our conscience and common sense so dead?

Things that make you say KRA-ZEE.
I am 20 weeks pregnant, and if I want an ultrasound to tell me the baby's gender, I must have a form signed by both me and my husband (oh wait, they probably use the pasty word "partner", excuse me) before they can go ahead with it. BUUUUUT, in this same medical system, I could make a little old private appointment with the doctor and say "I really don't feel like continuing with this pregnancy, could you chop its head off and suck it out and lets be done with this?" and the doctor would be like "I would love to help you" WITHOUT my husbands consent or even knowledge!!! My husband would have no legal right to keep me from wacking his child, but he must have say in finding out the gender???? Our country is majorly flubbed up. No, our peoples conscience is mostly dead...like in the Princess Bride.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Country Life and Beauty

I found this quote to be in step with my plans for my farms garden this year.
It is from a book called "Country Life, A handbook of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening."  By R. Morris Copeland,  published in 1859.
You can find it here

This applies also to mamas who are in a childbearing year.  If her energy for the garden plot is not large enough to have both flowers and vegetables, she shall devote it solely to flowers!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Easy Patterns

I love easy patterns.  This Kings Daughters pattern, #1001,  is just about the only pattern I make for my little girls.  It is so easy, I can do most of it without the instructions.  The only parts are the ones you see here, simple!  I don't care for sewing cuffs (too fussy), so the ruffle sleeve works well.  On a thick fabric you don't even need interfacing on the neck pieces.  
I have changed the pinafore to be made with a sewn up back and only one hook and eye, much like a jumper.  No fuss, just easy and carefree clothing for little girls.
Highly recommended.  Loved by all little girls who love dresses.
  If you really want to make some elderly persons day, dress up your girls in pretty dresses, wash their faces, braid their hair and take them to buy paper products at Wal-mart.  You are sure to get many, many smiles.