Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A look at today

2 plus gallons of raw milk yogurt ready to set for 24 hours in the box constructed of 2 coolers duct taped together with a light-bulb on a dimmer switch to keep temps steady.

After the pineapple sits the sourdough starter, that I am starting once again.  This time I am trying Kamut.   Next to that is my Licorice tincture.  The last item is tomorrows bread.  I do the no knead method that sits for 18 hours.  I am not currently using sourdough.  For 6 cups of flour, I use 1 tsp. yeast, 3 tsp. salt,  2 cups of raw whey and 1 cup of water.

 Here is the finished product.  Very yummy.  

The toddlers unfinished dress.  Kings Daughters in blue corduroy.

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