Saturday, February 2, 2013

Easy Patterns

I love easy patterns.  This Kings Daughters pattern, #1001,  is just about the only pattern I make for my little girls.  It is so easy, I can do most of it without the instructions.  The only parts are the ones you see here, simple!  I don't care for sewing cuffs (too fussy), so the ruffle sleeve works well.  On a thick fabric you don't even need interfacing on the neck pieces.  
I have changed the pinafore to be made with a sewn up back and only one hook and eye, much like a jumper.  No fuss, just easy and carefree clothing for little girls.
Highly recommended.  Loved by all little girls who love dresses.
  If you really want to make some elderly persons day, dress up your girls in pretty dresses, wash their faces, braid their hair and take them to buy paper products at Wal-mart.  You are sure to get many, many smiles.

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