Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why is our conscience and common sense so dead?

Things that make you say KRA-ZEE.
I am 20 weeks pregnant, and if I want an ultrasound to tell me the baby's gender, I must have a form signed by both me and my husband (oh wait, they probably use the pasty word "partner", excuse me) before they can go ahead with it. BUUUUUT, in this same medical system, I could make a little old private appointment with the doctor and say "I really don't feel like continuing with this pregnancy, could you chop its head off and suck it out and lets be done with this?" and the doctor would be like "I would love to help you" WITHOUT my husbands consent or even knowledge!!! My husband would have no legal right to keep me from wacking his child, but he must have say in finding out the gender???? Our country is majorly flubbed up. No, our peoples conscience is mostly in the Princess Bride.

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