Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Chicken maidens

Well, it's Holy Saturday, and the snow still covers the ground.  Luckily the new pullets are a happy bunch, and the little helpers don't mind the snow.  The steer is anxious for the thaw.  He has officially been nicknamed Houdini, because he has the amazing ability to escape his pasture no matter what my husband does to keep him in.  I think he is bored and hungry for something fresh.  He gets out of his pen, and goes straight for the southern side of the house so that he can pick at the thawed ground there. He also likes my Spirea bush :o(  Oh well, I guess he is doing the pruning this year!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

For the conversion and restoration of Russia

I keep updated about the Mary Mother of God Mission Society, which works in the remnants of Eastern Russia, helping to rebuild a true Catholic culture among a people torn apart by the ravages of Communism.  The Russian Revolution tore apart and destroyed a society and replaced it with one of the most radical socialist experiments ever witnessed.  And look at the results today.  Religion is almost unheard of, women have an average of 7 abortions, orphanages are full, alcoholism is rampant, the Peasantry was destroyed.  Thanks Godless socialism!
Our Lady of Fatima had something to say about this.  You can read the timeline and basics here.
Missions like the Mary Mother of God Mission Society are acting and working as Gods hands in the country of Russia, to restore faith and family, the only way Russia will be healed.

 O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I adore Thee 
profoundly. And through the infinite 
merits of His Most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of 
Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners. 

 I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul, 
and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles 
of the world,

in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges, and 
indifferences by which He is offended. 

And through the infinite 
merits of His Most Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of
Mary, I beg of Thee the conversion of poor sinners. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Busy Saturday

Soaked nuts, ready for oven drying

My beet Kvass from this website.  The best I have ever made.

Water Kiefer.  I'm still not convinced on this one.  The taste repulses me, but my 12 year old loves it.  So for now, this is for her.

Nourishing bone marrow broth.  This stuff has been cooking for almost 24 hours.

The wicked evil raw milk ready to be made into raw milk yogurt.

Soaked oats drying in the oven, to be made into this handy ready to eat nourishing granola.

 The plants that are waiting to go back into the greenhouse.  It was so cold last night, they came in for the evening

My wonderful mini blocker, waiting to go into production today.

The plants in the greenhouse.  

The real world outside.

Mini blocks made and ready for seeds.  I am a week behind with seeding, but I am not worried.  Things are really working out beautifully in the plant department.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The first plant babies have arrived!



I am thinking next time Lupine needs to be started in a soil block bigger than the mini.

 Anise Hyssop

Poppy, Cherry Glow

Friday, March 8, 2013

de-bunking the lies of radical feminism..

Here is a great post about getting over a lifetime of being steeped in a culture of radical feminism.

Recovery from the radical feminist mindset....its a long slow process who's residue kinda creeps up on you unexpectedly at times like a bad lingering athletes foot infection.....

Only with God's grace and submitting my free will to it, can this continue to be overcome in my life and home.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


My relationship with Kvass has been a rocky one.  I am desperate for Kvass, yet Kvass keeps eluding me.  I am actually desperate for a good pro-biotic drink that does not require sugar, and Kvass seems to be the way to go.  It is also great for your liver, and who doesn't need a good liver tonic?

So, the other night I was inspired by this blog's recipe for Kvass, and thought I might as well give it a go.  I have failed so many times with the Kvass, what is one more try?  

So, along with some beets and salt, I used the ingredients you see below (cloves, cardamom, ginger and Kefir starter culture)  I read you can reduce the amount of salt if you use the starter culture, so I gave that a try.

Well, here she is.  Ready to ferment for a week in my cold house.  Did you know that those dumb  bracelets that are shaped like cartoon characters that are all trendy right now make great rubber-bands to hold the cheesecloth on the gallon jar?  

God willing, the Kvass will not be rotten awful as my past batches have been.  Kvass is supposed to be for my family, NOT for the chickens!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The seeds have begun

Teeny tiny seeds.  So tiny that over 1,000 came in the package!  They will be, God willing, a massive patch of white Foxglove.  I used the wet toothpick method to put the seeds one by one onto the soil blocks.  It worked great. 

 Bigger Echinacea seeds.  These I could sow with my fingers.  Again, if the germination happens according to Elliot Colemans predictions, I will have a massive Echinacea patch to harvest roots from in 2 years.

 This is my mini seed block marker.  It is just freezer tape on a toothpick to make a little flag to stick in the soil block to mark the plants.  

 A plug for two of my favorite seed companies.
I especially love Select, because they specialize in heirloom and scented flowers.

 The lineup of seeded mini blocks!

 Aren't they teeny tiny?  I was stumped on what to do for my seed trays, because the holes in the bottom were enormous compared to these little guys.  I knew my husband was not going to get to making me wooden seed trays this year.  So the smart man came up with the thrifty idea of cutting up waxed produce boxes to line the bottom of my already purchased trays.  Seems to work well.

The finished set up.  The seed trays filled with the seeded soil blocks in the germination box with the heat-mats and the lights going for warmth in my frigid basement.  Once they germinate and are ready for transplanting into the bigger blocks, they will graduate to the greenhouse.

I had a wonderful morning working with my 2 little helpers who mixed my soil and helped me to make the blocks.  Future farmers?  hopefully!  Then the sweet man I call husband helped me to sow the seeds.  He had a fast lesson in hand seeding and using a toothpick on seeds as small as Linaria and Heliotrope.