Saturday, March 23, 2013

Busy Saturday

Soaked nuts, ready for oven drying

My beet Kvass from this website.  The best I have ever made.

Water Kiefer.  I'm still not convinced on this one.  The taste repulses me, but my 12 year old loves it.  So for now, this is for her.

Nourishing bone marrow broth.  This stuff has been cooking for almost 24 hours.

The wicked evil raw milk ready to be made into raw milk yogurt.

Soaked oats drying in the oven, to be made into this handy ready to eat nourishing granola.

 The plants that are waiting to go back into the greenhouse.  It was so cold last night, they came in for the evening

My wonderful mini blocker, waiting to go into production today.

The plants in the greenhouse.  

The real world outside.

Mini blocks made and ready for seeds.  I am a week behind with seeding, but I am not worried.  Things are really working out beautifully in the plant department.  

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