Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of May

I have no fun photo to post today, because life has been so busy that I kind of forgot about my leetle blog.  We have egg layers giving us about 15 eggs a day.  Our steer is again on pasture and finally happy and not mooing every minute.  Pig pen is ready, and we pick up pigs next week.  We have about 75 meat birds slated for the freezer on June 22nd.  We had a bad time with them this year, it was a problem on the co-op or hatchery end.  They dropped like flies for the first week, we lost over 1/4 of them.  Thankfully, we were reimbursed.  My garden is plowed, but not tilled.  It has been so rainy, there has been no  opportunity  when my husband has had time, when the ground has also been dry.  So, my plants continue to wait.....On that note, I am not so sure how I feel about soil blocks anymore.  I have had some problems, as well as many of them have clumped into one mass in the trays, I just don't know what to think or feel about them at this point.  I may be back to plug trays next year....we shall see.
Trees have been falling at an alarming rate in my forest and yard.  My husband was really working to fell all the trees he wanted to before they leafed out, less mess.  We have a nice stack of wood growing for next winter.  And on that note, I am so excited!!!  We got a free chimney stack from a relative that took one out of an outbuilding, and, God willing, I will FINALLY have my wood cookstove hooked up in my kitchen.  Heck, its only been sitting waiting since we moved in 7 years ago!  Our addition has given us the space to put it, and the free stack will save us hundreds of dollars from the installation fee.

So, spring in the rural country has been nice.  I am enjoying myself and taking it easy and keeping busy cooking, baking, sewing, hanging laundry, washing eggs, cooking with eggs, making raw milk ice cream, playing with the children, cleaning the house, and just enjoying the bird song and the peepers and the greenery that is all around me....waiting for baby to arrive hopefully at the end of June.