Monday, March 31, 2014

all this junk

It all came out of my girls rooms when we de junked this last week.  Where did it all come from?
The scary thing is I know there is probably another pile like this that could be gotten rid of if I tried really hard.

There is just too much stuff for me to take care of!  I am really at my fizzle point.  I don't know how much longer I can go on in this modern, post industrial revolution opulence.

I don't want to end up on the counselors couch, so I get in line for confession.
"Stay detached," the good Canons tell me.

I am so detached I am ready for a whole house auction.  The rest of the family is not on board.

"Stay detached and don't think about it," the good Canons tell me.
Obviously, I'm still thinking about it.  Im writing about it!

Where is the balance between the Sisters of Charity 2 Saris in a paper bag and what I have right now?  Obviously pure monastic minimalism is not in my future.  But there has to be a more mentally manageable level!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Children and Chores...

A relative sent me this article from a major newspaper.  Read it if you want a good laugh.  It is funny because it is just ridiculous that we even have to have the discussion "are chores too much work?"  


Its good that the "expert" says that chores are a healthy part of growing up.  But when she starts going on ad nauseum about the emotional value of chores, I have to stop before I laugh up my sauerkraut.

Lets be blunt.

Chores can help keep children from being lazy and entitled, modern, worldly, self obsessed jerks!

And lets be super honest here....our world needs more children like this!

I will not even comment about the First Ladies praise of her hardworking daughters. You will have to read the article yourself for that laugh.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the little darlings that don't have to do anything at home because they are "so busy" pursuing their "aspirations"  I feel sorry for the hordes of women who enter into adulthood knowing how to...

 (pick, play basketball, ice skate, make duct tape dresses, do calculus, ride the mechanical bull, play the tuba, classify amphibians, 
add yours here) 

yet cannot organize a home or plan a meal or even know that when a baby starts to eat solid food, their poop will change!  (seriously, I recently heard about a mom who did not know this!)

Us modern day western civilized ladies are SO FAR removed from the reality of Gods plan for our lives it is absurd.  Our culture at large is so far gone from any idea of sacrifice...picking up OUR CROSS and carrying it down roads that don't "feel good"..roads that are not part of our "bliss"

God forbid we make little Brittney pick up a sponge or learn how to cook a pot roast.  She has more important things to do.  And besides, its just too much to ask of her after she has sat in a school building all day working her poor little mind to the limit on an endless list of academic foibles.  

Don't get me started.  Oh wait, Im already started.

Children need chores.  This modern sense of cushy catered to young-ins is for the birds!  Concupiscence makes our children prone to lazyness and self centered thinking and behavior.  Reasonable expectations in the home and on the farm help them to step outside of themselves and to be a part of the adult world.  Keeping busy also keeps idleness at bay.  And we all know what trouble can come about from idleness.  Satan is just waiting for us with a candy dish full of the 7 deadly sins, all in your favorite flavor!

Chores are a good thing.  And if any one tells your children that they are working to hard, remind your child that those people usually have enough $$ to have other people doing their work for them, so they really have nothing to say about it!
Us poor folks have to learn how to use our hands.  And God will bless us for it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeremiah 6:16

Who will your children be?

Thus saith the Lord:
 Stand ye on the ways, 
and see and ask for the old paths 
which is the good way, 
and walk ye in it:
 and you shall find refreshment for your souls. 

And they said: we will not walk.
(Notice who is on Ms. Cyrus's T shirt..)

Children and real work

Happy Feast day of St Benedict!
Ora et Labora...Pray and Work

I am a big fan of real work.  I am no scholar myself, so some may say I am handing on this legacy to my children via my own intellectual inability...but I know that God gave me these children and He trusts me to educate them for the vocation that He will call them to.  I believe heartily that if God desires any of these children to be rocket scientists, or doctors, He will give them a desire and ability for things like Physics and ridiculously high math courses and diagraming sentences.

So, we do academics at our school, but we keep it proportionate.  We make time for real work and real play.  Sometimes I think, the way our culture and society are going, that we will soon be a post academic world anyway.  I have heard some say that the way our financial situation in the USA is going that we will be reduced to a 3rd world country.  If that happens, it would be much better that my children are able to do practical things rather than be able to sit and diagram a sentence.

No matter what type of world our country's classification falls into, our young generation needs to learn to do real work.  I intend to raise up children who are not afraid to put their hand to the menial task.  Children who are not impaired when it comes to using an axe, broom, knife, rolling pin, whatever the tool, they are not too bored or too busy acquiring things and seeking after frivolities to get busy and get the job done.

I am not advocating sending Jimmy to the coal mine, or sticking Ginny in the kitchen and keeping her completely out of the school room!  No, a proportionate amount of academics is a good thing in a day.  If your teen is so busy writing essays that he can't clean a bathroom, or she can't get out and help you clean up the garden for planting, something may be out of balance.

I think I am doing something for my country in raising children who are practical and helpful.  I know that idleness leads to vice, and that is not something I want to stand before Our Lord and have to answer about.  I desire to give Him joyful children who know that they can help out and break a sweat (somewhere other than on the soccer field!) and do the work of adults in their own capacity.

And from what I have seen, it makes the children happy too.  I am not saying they run skipping cheerfully every time I say "lets do it!"...there are grumbles and groans sometimes.  But we usually finish strong with a rosy hue in our cheeks and a whistle on our lips.

So, don't be afraid to put some real work into your daily school schedule.  Don't be too busy that your children do not have time to learn about responsibility and accountability via the road of chores and household or farm tasks.  It has built men and women of sound mind, strong body and courageous virtue for generations before our modern times.  It is time to look again as a culture to the practical wisdom of the old on this topic.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Remember the majesty of the Mass

Lately traddy circles have been abuzz with such tripe as the "Deacon Sandy Mass" and the LA religious educators conference and all the liturgical horrors it brought.

Yes they have nice posture, 
but for the sake of all that is good and holy,
 get them out of the church!!!!

Here is a straight up and sobering reminder about the reality of the Mass from our friends at Vericast.  It is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and deserves dignity. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A great suffering has befallen us

"At the end of the nineteenth century and throughout a great part of the twentieth, many heresies will be propagated in these lands.…

To be delivered from the slavery of these heresies, those whom the merciful love of my Son has destined for this restoration will need great will-power, perseverance, courage, and confidence in God. To try the faith and trust of these just ones, there will be times when all will seem lost and paralyzed. It will then be the happy beginning of the complete restoration…."

Pray constantly, implore tirelessly, and weep bitter tears in the seclusion of your heart, beseeching the Eucharistic Heart of my most holy Son to take pity on His ministers and to end as soon as possible these unhappy times by sending to His Church the Prelate who shall restore the spirit of her priests.

Our Lady of Good Success,
 Pray for Us!

God Bless and protect the Institute of Christ the King, FSSP, SSPX and all good and holy priests and bishops who are faithful to the true doctrines and traditions of the Church.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Francis De Sales and our cross

I regularly read a blog called Traditional Catholic Priest, and today there was a wonderful post regarding our crosses by my spiritual father St. Francis De Sales.  Here is the link.  

a quote from it...

The Everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart.  This cross He now sends you, He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms, and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one ounce too heavy for you.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bake some bread

Stay at home today and do a little baking.  Get offline and get out the sewing machine.
Lets pray for one another as we work.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovin my Lard

I am a child of the 90's, I remember kids 
calling other kids "lard butt"  
I did not like that. I thought lard was nasty. 
 I had, in reality, never eaten lard.

I normally do not like NPR, but 
I did like this article on the history of the vilifying of lard.

Here is an excerpt 
"A hundred years ago, the company they founded had a problem. 
Procter & Gamble owned a bunch of cottonseed oil factories
 that produced oil for use in soap and candles. But with
 the invention of the light bulb, the candle business
 wasn't looking so hot. What to do with all that extra oil?
In 1907, a German chemist, E.C. Kayser, showed
 up at Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati 
with a marvelous invention. It was a ball of fat. 
It looked like lard. It cooked like lard. 
But there was no pig involved. It was hydrogenated cottonseed oil."
Enter in Marketing, "science" and radio advertising
 and soon the whole of the USA began to think, 
thanks to Procter and Gamble,
 that Lard was as bad for you as having 
Vladimir Lenin over for supper and a game of Pinochle.  

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Baptism day to you!

Even though it is Lent, we still had cake and lit her baptism candle and sung "O come Holy Ghost" to Sister Mary de La Phlonge....since it was the 3rd anniversary of the day she became a child of God.
Celebrate your baptism anniversaries, it is more important than the birthday in the life of a Catholic trying to restore a truly Catholic culture and work for the restoration and exultation of our Holy Mother the Catholic Church.

Chicken feet...the diamond of the traditional soup pot.

Yes, I know, we are so weird.  We are Traditional Catholics, we wear traditional clothes, have traditional gender roles, and we use chicken feet in our soup stock!

Now, wait a minute!  you might say, "that is going too far!"  But let me tell you, chicken feet are your Czech grandmothers secret to a nourishing broth that will cure what ails ya.
Really, it's not that scary.  If you can eat a chicken leg, you can boil up a chicken foot.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GAPS diet and original sin

I have been reading lots about the GAPS diet lately.  My husband has Crohns disease and  has been on full GAPS for 2 years.  This year for Lent, he will be starting over with the intro diet.  We have never done the intro here.  We went right into full GAPS from the medical advice of a doctor we were working with.  But here we are diving into intro, hoping to solve those "lingering problems" Dr. McBride warns about.

In my reading, I come across many well meaning mothers who are desperately trying to heal their babies or themselves.  So much talk about symptoms, behavior, reactions ect.  It makes your head spin.  Sometimes I wonder if the moms are christian and if they are if they believe in original sin.  Because there does come a point when all diets aside, children can just be crazy, or naughty, or impulsive or mean because of original sin!

Lent is a good time to think about that.  No diet is going to keep you from being a jerk completely.  No diet that nourishes your body optimally is going to completely free you from making bad choices or doing bad things.  Original sin is always there, and the evil one is always waiting and tempting us.  Too bad there is not a GAPS diet for getting rid of these pesky symptoms in your life....oh wait, there is.  Its called "detox your soul with confession and spiritual reading and nourish your soul with the bread of life, Our Lord Jesus Chirst in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar available only at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

Really, trying to do this perfect diet and seek perfect health on earth is bordering on idolatry.  We are trying to make a paradise out of this earth.  So, enough with the communist/socialist diet mentality.  We do the best we can to nourish our bodies with real food and live a lifestyle close to nature.  We stay in a state of grace.  We avoid spiritual obesity in the form of the vice of curiosity, and instead fill our minds with beautiful and edifying truth.  We do our duty in our state of life.  AND (this will offend many modern parents, I know, I used to be one of those)...we give the naughty children a spanking if they need it.

Happy Lent!