Saturday, March 29, 2014

Children and Chores...

A relative sent me this article from a major newspaper.  Read it if you want a good laugh.  It is funny because it is just ridiculous that we even have to have the discussion "are chores too much work?"  


Its good that the "expert" says that chores are a healthy part of growing up.  But when she starts going on ad nauseum about the emotional value of chores, I have to stop before I laugh up my sauerkraut.

Lets be blunt.

Chores can help keep children from being lazy and entitled, modern, worldly, self obsessed jerks!

And lets be super honest here....our world needs more children like this!

I will not even comment about the First Ladies praise of her hardworking daughters. You will have to read the article yourself for that laugh.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the little darlings that don't have to do anything at home because they are "so busy" pursuing their "aspirations"  I feel sorry for the hordes of women who enter into adulthood knowing how to...

 (pick, play basketball, ice skate, make duct tape dresses, do calculus, ride the mechanical bull, play the tuba, classify amphibians, 
add yours here) 

yet cannot organize a home or plan a meal or even know that when a baby starts to eat solid food, their poop will change!  (seriously, I recently heard about a mom who did not know this!)

Us modern day western civilized ladies are SO FAR removed from the reality of Gods plan for our lives it is absurd.  Our culture at large is so far gone from any idea of sacrifice...picking up OUR CROSS and carrying it down roads that don't "feel good"..roads that are not part of our "bliss"

God forbid we make little Brittney pick up a sponge or learn how to cook a pot roast.  She has more important things to do.  And besides, its just too much to ask of her after she has sat in a school building all day working her poor little mind to the limit on an endless list of academic foibles.  

Don't get me started.  Oh wait, Im already started.

Children need chores.  This modern sense of cushy catered to young-ins is for the birds!  Concupiscence makes our children prone to lazyness and self centered thinking and behavior.  Reasonable expectations in the home and on the farm help them to step outside of themselves and to be a part of the adult world.  Keeping busy also keeps idleness at bay.  And we all know what trouble can come about from idleness.  Satan is just waiting for us with a candy dish full of the 7 deadly sins, all in your favorite flavor!

Chores are a good thing.  And if any one tells your children that they are working to hard, remind your child that those people usually have enough $$ to have other people doing their work for them, so they really have nothing to say about it!
Us poor folks have to learn how to use our hands.  And God will bless us for it!


  1. You said it dear! Amen! I don't know if I should stop laughing and start crying....Oh, I'll just enjoy this good laugh. Great post~as always.

  2. thanks, you are sweet. I am glad I could give you a laugh. We all need at least one a day :o)