Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GAPS diet and original sin

I have been reading lots about the GAPS diet lately.  My husband has Crohns disease and  has been on full GAPS for 2 years.  This year for Lent, he will be starting over with the intro diet.  We have never done the intro here.  We went right into full GAPS from the medical advice of a doctor we were working with.  But here we are diving into intro, hoping to solve those "lingering problems" Dr. McBride warns about.

In my reading, I come across many well meaning mothers who are desperately trying to heal their babies or themselves.  So much talk about symptoms, behavior, reactions ect.  It makes your head spin.  Sometimes I wonder if the moms are christian and if they are if they believe in original sin.  Because there does come a point when all diets aside, children can just be crazy, or naughty, or impulsive or mean because of original sin!

Lent is a good time to think about that.  No diet is going to keep you from being a jerk completely.  No diet that nourishes your body optimally is going to completely free you from making bad choices or doing bad things.  Original sin is always there, and the evil one is always waiting and tempting us.  Too bad there is not a GAPS diet for getting rid of these pesky symptoms in your life....oh wait, there is.  Its called "detox your soul with confession and spiritual reading and nourish your soul with the bread of life, Our Lord Jesus Chirst in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar available only at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass."

Really, trying to do this perfect diet and seek perfect health on earth is bordering on idolatry.  We are trying to make a paradise out of this earth.  So, enough with the communist/socialist diet mentality.  We do the best we can to nourish our bodies with real food and live a lifestyle close to nature.  We stay in a state of grace.  We avoid spiritual obesity in the form of the vice of curiosity, and instead fill our minds with beautiful and edifying truth.  We do our duty in our state of life.  AND (this will offend many modern parents, I know, I used to be one of those)...we give the naughty children a spanking if they need it.

Happy Lent!

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