Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovin my Lard

I am a child of the 90's, I remember kids 
calling other kids "lard butt"  
I did not like that. I thought lard was nasty. 
 I had, in reality, never eaten lard.

I normally do not like NPR, but 
I did like this article on the history of the vilifying of lard.

Here is an excerpt 
"A hundred years ago, the company they founded had a problem. 
Procter & Gamble owned a bunch of cottonseed oil factories
 that produced oil for use in soap and candles. But with
 the invention of the light bulb, the candle business
 wasn't looking so hot. What to do with all that extra oil?
In 1907, a German chemist, E.C. Kayser, showed
 up at Procter & Gamble headquarters in Cincinnati 
with a marvelous invention. It was a ball of fat. 
It looked like lard. It cooked like lard. 
But there was no pig involved. It was hydrogenated cottonseed oil."
Enter in Marketing, "science" and radio advertising
 and soon the whole of the USA began to think, 
thanks to Procter and Gamble,
 that Lard was as bad for you as having 
Vladimir Lenin over for supper and a game of Pinochle.  

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