Wednesday, April 23, 2014

cultural and ecclesiastical abomination of desolation

I recently had the honor of attending Mass and receiving Holy Communion from one of the only men to be excommunicated in the last 40 years.  It was one of the most reverent and beautiful Liturgies I have ever had the honor of assisting at.

As long as this and this and this  and this and this is "in full communion" I will not hesitate to attend Mass at an SSPX chapel.  There is a crisis.

I read this article last night, and could not agree with Mr. Matt more!  I will quote him. 

"I am a layman, not a theologian, and as such can tell no one where he can, can’t, should or shouldn’t go to Mass. I will, however, tell anyone who asks what I would do after the fort had been betrayed and the souls of my children are imperiled in mainstream churches—if I didn’t have a traditional Latin Mass center run by priests who recognize the cultural and ecclesiastical abomination of desolation at hand, I would not hesitate for one moment to take my children into the safe houses provided by the Society of St. Pius X, thanking God for His mercy. That is what I would do. "

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