Friday, April 11, 2014

Will we be Magdalenes in Christs hour of need?

Will we be like the Apostles (other than good Saint John)
 who left our Lord in His hour of need? 
 Will we leave the Church in her hour of need?
The Bride of Chirst suffers now from infidelity of many of her highest ranking members.  Will we run with them in the other direction,
  abandoning our Lord for the love of the world
 and its acceptance and approval?
or will we cling to the wood of the cross with the Magdalene?

Will we hold close the dead body of 
our Lord as Mary did, before it was laid in the tomb.
Seemingly dead, gone, forever to be no more....
much like our Church seems in the
 current scandals and wake of modernest apostasy
 and heresy from within the ranks?

Keep the Faith brothers and sisters.  

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  1. These Holy prayer cards are so beautiful! I love the prayer you have posted at the bottom of the page too. May the Holy Spirit keep our minds alert. May our Blessed Lord help us and protect us from all deception. May God our merciful Father forgive us.