Sunday, May 4, 2014

Be quiet at Mass

Today our family attended a new chapel for Mass.  The other children there made me realize just how lazy we have been about behavior at Mass.  

They were not exactly the gang from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.....

But they were quite squirmy and loud at times.  I noticed every other child above a nursing baby sat quietly and kneeled when everyone else did.  Laying on the floor and looking up at the pew was not the norm here.  Flailing and crying was not to be seen.

I was holding my 9 month old and she was saying "DA DA" and the little girl behind me whispered to her mother "Why is she being loud?"


I guess our years of attending a Mass at a huge old church with a low population of faithful has made us ready to excuse inexcusable behavior.  Maybe a tightly packed church is part of Gods will for us and will encourage a tighter ship here and the Mass monsters will be a thing of the past.

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