Friday, July 18, 2014

Keeping it simple in the homeschool

I have homeschooled for 12 years and by the grace of God, this is ALL I have for school supplies!  I currently have 5 children in school and 1 baby "assistant" 
In the 3 big tubs are all of my "school books"..phonics, math, ect.  If I hate it, or if I will never use it, I give it away.
Most of what you see on the shelves is art supplies and tiny children "school toys"
The metal cart has a basket for each child.  It holds all the daily books and notebooks.  Mom is often heard saying, "If you can't find it, its not my problem!  I gave you a place to put it!"

We do like to use lots of living books, especially in literature, science and history.  I had a bunch more books, but a few years ago, ruthlessly gave most of them away to thrift shops.  The only ones I keep on my shelves are the Catholic ones, everything else I get from the library.  

Teacher desk.  
Thank you Father G.

The desk for the littles to do their daily work at.  They will use booster chairs.

Homeschooling is not always a joyous walk in the park.  Just following our bliss did not work for us.  We tried unschooling...hugely unsuccessful here.  This picture reminds me of my duty and my cross.  

Our school motto, from the Doctor of love.

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