Thursday, July 17, 2014

Piggy piercing parlor

We have spent the last few days putting rings into our pigs snouts so when we move them to their new forest abode, they will be good pigs and stay in their place and not kill all the trees.  
The most striking thing about this process is how much I have learned that I do not want to go to hell.  This is why...  When you get that tool above around the piggies snout and pull it tight, the pig howls like demons let loose from the pits of hell.  As soon as you get the ring in and let the pig go, they are trotting around like nothing ever happened.  But while I have a hold of that tool and hubby is being the piggy piercing parlor expert, the noise is terrible.
Another way that piercing pig noses has changed my life forever.

Every time I see this

I will think of this.....

yep, judgemental...but its reality from the farm perspective folks!


  1. Being a dumb city lady, how does a ring in the nose keep them from killing trees?

    1. The ring is supposed to keep them from rooting in the ground, where they can hurt the roots of the trees and kill the trees.