Monday, August 25, 2014

when the meat animals die before their time....

In the last week we have lost our steer and a pig.  I have no photos because photos of this sort are not pretty.

It is a difficult thing to drag your steer, worth hundereds of dollars, into the woods with a chain on the leg.  Coyote picnic meat for me next winter...

Same for the pig..

But Gods will be done.  I told the children, at least we have a store, if that is what it comes to.  We are not the Irish peasants who will literally starve to death  because of crop failure.   Our Lord will provide us with the means to get another steer in time for next fall butchering.  Yes, beef is high....but our Father owns everything!  If He wants us to have another steer, He can manage that.

It makes you thankful for all of Gods benefits and realize how much we take for granted every day.